Breedlove Acoustic Demo #1

• December 24th, 2011

Well it's been a while, hasn't it?!

So hopefully by this point you'll all have my latest album The Knowledge of Things To Come. If not, you can get it from my website at

So the next project for 2012 will be an acoustic solo album. I bought a Breedlove acoustic bass recently and thought I'd record a little demo so you can all hear how it sounds. Of course I couldn't bear to record it without a few effects but I tried to keep a lid on it for now. Just a bit of reverb. And delay. And chorus. What can I say?!

Anyway. It's over on Soundcloud too if you prefer. Hope you like it and keep an eye on my website for album progress reports.

Have a great Christmas everybody :) x


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Glitch #1

• February 20th, 2011

This is the first demo recorded with my new looping setup, which now includes the excellent Line 6 Pod X3 Pro. All the sounds here are generated by the Pod and sent through the LP1. Starting to put some ideas together for a new solo album. Don't forget to check out the first album Mandala at my website Hope you like the new tune, I'd love to hear your thoughts... Simon

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Baliset #4

• September 2nd, 2010

Hello folks Well who'd have thought it?! A new podcast track after all this time... As it goes I've been using Soundcloud ( to post some ideas and alternate takes rather than the podcast, but I'm going to revive it for a while as the solo album is now finished and released. My solo album Mandala is available exclusively on my website You can stream the whole album there if you fancy having a listen. I hope you like it. This tune was an idea for the album which proved a little too long. It was played on my Warwick Thumb VI with the LP1. I do intend to revisit this idea at some point in the future as there are some figures I'd really like to develop. Let me know your thoughts Simon x

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